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Dear Rosy

This week I attended my eleventh annual CPD course at the College for real estate sales.  After so many instructive times, I feel I should let you know how much I have appreciated the assistance these courses have provided me, as I moved from a long professional life in broadcasting, to a career that’s always held much interest for me…real estate.

Your facilitator John Upton has conducted the courses with excellent professionalism and has been able to pass on easily and comprehensively his extensive knowledge of the industry in an informal and sometimes light-hearted manner.

In fact I have yet to see him stumped by a question from the classes!!! And we’ve certainly covered all aspects of the industry during those years.  As we all know, the laws and regulations for the real estate industry are continually under review and change. John always keeps pace with these and it’s a regular pattern of his courses that he reminds his class of even the small details which we agents may have overlooked.
I wish you well with the College and I look forward to my continued association which has so far led to a much more stimulating real estate experience for me.

Warm regards
Ross Symonds