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The College Chronicle is a newsletter issued fortnightly. It contains practical information that will assist property agents in their day-to-day work lives. The content will focus on those issues that agents raise during training and other issues that ACOP believe will be of interest to you.

Current Newsletter

Delayed Settlements

11th June 2021


When do your staff need a Certificate of Registration ……..or not

28th May 2021

Capital Gains Withholding Tax

14th May 2021

Agency Agreements – make sure they are compliant

30th April 2021

Contracts for the Sale and Purchase of Land…..Check them

16th April 2021

Changes to the Residential Tenancy COVID Regulations

1st April 2021

Death of a Tenant

19th March 2021

Tenancy laws for victims of domestic violence

5th March 2021

Do you have the correct licence class and categories to be the Licensee-In-Charge?

19th February 2021

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