Anthony Sullivan

E-Development Manager

  • Bachelor of Education

Anthony has been with the College since 2012. After 34 years of teaching he decided that he needed a new challenge in his life………..and didn’t he find a good one in joining the College.

Anthony’s role also includes the development and implementation of the on-line training programs. He researches new and interesting ways of presenting materials in an electronic format. He helps the ACOP team with computers, programs, social media, mobile phones…….and the list goes on.

Anthony brings a wealth of experience in compliance to the College in terms of his past roles in management (acting assistant school principal for a year), over fifteen years as a year co-ordinator and three years as an assistant science co-ordinator. His ability to get people to understand the need for compliance and a specific method of implementing a procedure, in a very quiet manner, supports the College in continuing its high level of customer service.

Anthony is a quiet force in the College – which is good compared with the other noisy people that surround him on a daily basis. He is always there to assist the other team members and give them support to learn new skills. His ability to co-ordinate an activity within the College is done with such ease.

Anthony’s love of the beach matches his love for the Manly Sea Eagles – which is positive in an office where we have so many Sea Eagles supporters.