How to address CPD Non-Compliance

If you failed to complete your CPD in the 2023 CPD year, you can choose to complete these topics online, which will show good faith that you recognised your non-compliance and have completed the training.

As you will be aware, if you are a Class 1 or a Class 2 licensed agent, you were required to complete 4 hours of CPD between 23 March 2023 and 22 March 2024.

If you have not met the NSW Fair Trading requirements for CPD training in the 2023/24 CPD year, there is no grace period set by NSW Fair Trading, which means that you have two options:

    1. You can choose NOT to complete any CPD training for the year that has passed, and provide your explanation to NSW Fair Trading if questioned. This non-compliance may incur a penalty infringement (monetary fine) from NSW Fair Trading for yourself, your Licensee-In-Charge, and your agency as a business.
    2. You can immediately undertake study to complete the CPD sessions that you have missed. This would at least show that in good faith you have recognised that you missed the deadline of 22nd March 2024, and have made an effort to become compliant by completing the CPD from the previous year.

If you choose to take Option 2, please note that ACOP cannot guarantee that NSW Fair Trading will find this option acceptable, as you will still be non-compliant in relation to the requirement of completing your CPD within the required timeframe. It is our recommendation that Option 2 is the best possible way of demonstrating your attempt to re-gain compliance. Again, this would show that you have recognised your CPD non-compliance and are taking actions to correct these matters and demonstrate your commitment to professionalism within the property industry.

Contact the College to discuss your options. Email on or call during business hours on 1300 88 48 10.