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The Australian College of Professionals (ACOP) has been approved by NSW Fair Trading as “an approved provider” of compulsory CPD topics for professionals working in the property sector in NSW.

Under the Property and Stock Agents Act 2002 (the Act), individual holders of a licence (class 1 or 2 agents) and certificate of registration (assistant agents) are subject to a condition that the holder must comply with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. CPD is aimed at ensuring licence and certificate holders continually update their skills and are aware of their legislative requirements and responsibilities.


ACOP has been conducting CPD for the property industry since September 2003, when CPD became mandatory for professionals working in the property industry. ACOP provides CPD training in all property licence categories in NSW.

As per NSW Fair Trading’s CPD Guidelines, all licence and certificate of registration holders within NSW are required to complete CPD each year as one of the requirements of holding their authority to practice. The CPD year will be from March 2020 to March 2021, and then by March every year. CPD will no longer be linked to your renewal date and MUST be completed in the new CPD year (March to March).

You can confirm your class of licence through the NSW Fair Trading public register, which dictates what level of CPD you are required to undertake.

ACOP’s courses are developed by and delivered by current industry professionals and solicitors. This means that students are able to benefit from the analysis of real cases and scenarios and receive the most up to date knowledge of legislation and industry best practices.

All courses offered by ACOP provide an opportunity to network with other agents and agencies and to share ideas within our best practice framework.

CPD requirements per Licence Class

Class 1 (Licensee-in-Charge) – for Real Estate and Strata Management

    • 3 hours of Mandatory CPD with compulsory topics as set by NSW Fair Trading
    • 3 hours of Elective CPD with topics from a broad range of best practice issues
    • 3 hours of Elective CPD with business-related topics (will commence in March 2021)

Class 1 (Licensee-in-Charge) – for Stock & Station (only)

    • 3 hours of Mandatory CPD with compulsory topics as set by NSW Fair Trading
    • 3 hours of Elective CPD with business-related topics (will commence in March 2021)

Class 2 Licence Holders (almost the same as Class 1 licence holders) – for Real Estate and Strata Management

    • 3 hours of Mandatory CPD with compulsory topics as set by NSW Fair Trading
    • 3 hours of Elective CPD with topics from a broad range of best practice issues

Class 2 Licence Holders (almost the same as Class 1 licence holders) – for Stock & Station (only)

    • 3 hours of Mandatory CPD with compulsory topics as set by NSW Fair Trading

Class 3 – Certificate of Registration (Assistant Agents)

    • Complete 3 Units of Competency from the relevant Certificate IV licensing qualification:
      • For Real Estate and Stock & Station Licence requirements:   CPP41419 – Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice
      • For Strata Management Licence requirements:  CPP40516 – Certificate IV in Strata Community Management

2020 CPD Topics

NSW Fair Trading has set specific topics for the compulsory 3 hours of CPD training.  For the 2020/21 CPD year, the three mandatory topics are:

    • 2020 Real Estate Reforms, including Trust Account requirements
    • Rules of Conduct
    • Occupancy Risk Management

To enable you to have the best experience for your CPD, ACOP has developed two options for the Compulsory CPD based on the functions you undertake on a daily basis.  The two (2)  Compulsory CPD options are:

For the Elective topics, NSW Fair Trading has set some broad content areas focused on the best practices with a property agency.  ACOP will be conducting Elective CPD topics for the following licence / functional categories:

Customised and In-House CPD Training

Customised and in-house courses are also available for groups of 6 or more. Please contact us if you have specific topic needs and our trainers can come to your office to conduct your CPD course at a time that suits you and your staff.  Naturally, these courses are also available via interactive webinar, which is terrific for remote locations and also smaller agencies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Complete our online enrolment form HERE.

Please ensure that you enrol with a unique email address. If the email address you provide is already in use by another person (for example, a colleague), the system will not be able to create your own Student Portal login.

We offer both elective and compulsory CPD training available to be completed either face to face, interactive webinars or online. The fees are listed below:

    • $99 online (each)
    • $149 Webinar (each)
    • $199 (each) (if you are a returning ACOP student, you will receive a loyalty discount for your elective CPD only)

Special Offer
If you book and pay to attend any face-to-face Combined Compulsory and Elective session on the same day, the fee is discounted to $299. (Note: his offer is NOT transferable if you split your attendance dates after enrolment)

This course is offered online, face-to-face or via an interactive webinar.

You can download our calendar to review our upcoming face to face and webinar dates.

For face to face or webinar assessments and online study, you will be provided with a username and password to access your course through our online Student Portal system.

It is important to ensure that you store your login details safely as you can log in and out of your portal at any time.

Please note that although our online training portal is compatible with mobile phones, some of the assessment activities relating to the completion of forms can only be accessed through the Adobe Reader Program, which means that you will be required to complete these aspects of your training using a computer, laptop or tablet.

For online study, hard-copy versions of the online content are available for purchase. If you would like a hard copy of the course content posted to you, this can be organised at a cost of $25 inc GST per course.

Once the world has moved on from the current COVID-19 pandemic, ACOP will again be conducting its very popular face-to-face CPD seminars throughout metropolitan and regional New South Wales.  Currently, face-to-face classes are only being offered at ACOP’s training rooms at Town Hall in the Sydney CBD. In the meantime, all topics will be offered online and through interactive webinars. When ACOP returns to face-to-face training throughout all of NSW, CPD courses will be conducted in the following locations throughout NSW:

Batemans Bay
Byron Bay
Castle Hill
Coffs Harbour
Dee Why
Port Macquarie
Raymond Terrace
Sydney CBD
Tweed Heads
Wagga Wagga


  • Compulsory = 1 month to complete an online assessment
  • Elective = 1 month to complete an online assessment


  • Compulsory = 1 month to complete an online assessment after attending the webinar
  • Elective = all assessments completed during the webinar


  • All assessments completed in class

If you are struggling with your CPD course or wish to clarify any issues, you can contact us during business hours and we will arrange for you to speak with a trainer as soon as practicable. We also encourage you to email your queries to us at enquiries@acop.edu.au prior to our trainer’s call so that we can organise the most appropriate trainer to contact you.

At the conclusion of the training course and the successful completion of all assessment tasks, you will receive a Certificate of Attendance/Completion, which will meet the NSW Fair Trading requirements for the 3 hour compulsory CPD training for Class 1 and Class 2 licences.

Yes, if you only hold a Stock & Station Licence, your CPD requirements are:

  • Class 1 Holder = Compulsory CPD and as of March 2021 a Business Skills CPD
  • Class 2 Holder = Compulsory CPD only

CPD Courses


“I always find ACOP training informative and enjoyable to attend. I especially enjoy the interactions and knowledge gained, not only from the trainer but also the other students”

Kathryn Ryan

Hi Rosy and Team,
I just wanted to write a short note to thank you for the recent CPD training that you did at our office in country NSW. As always the content was up to date, relevant and Rosy is an incredibly engaging and knowledgeable presenter with a lot of useful tips in day to day agency practice. Everyone in our office, from staff that had not long joined us, to others that have been here for many years all took something away from the training. Also I wanted to say that from the moment of contacting the College to arrange the training, through the enrolment process, and finally the provision of our certificates, the team at your office were polite, friendly, helpful and a pleasure to deal with. Thanks again”

Edwina Brown

“Excellent training organisation. Have obtained training and certs through the College for 12years. Informative, professionals, helpful, friendly. Very satisfied with the College and will continue to use in the future”

Renee Capner

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